Belize City (Belize) Area Code

What is the area code for Belize City (Belize)?

The Belize City (Belize) area code is +501 2

That is, in order to call the Belize City region in Belize you must dial the area code +501 2, where +501 is the international prefix of the country and 2 is the area code of Belize City.

Is the Belize City area code always the same?

Yes, any phone in this region will have the area code 2. In other words, to be able to call Belize City from anywhere in Belize, this code must be dialed before the phone number.

2 [Phone number]

How to call from abroad to a phone located in Belize City (Belize)?

To call a telephone from abroad to the Belize City (Belize), you must dial the international prefix (+501), the Belize City area code (2) and the telephone number (7 digits) you want to call.

+501 2  [Phone number]

It is important to remember that all calls from a foreign country to another country, for example Belize, will have a higher cost than calls made in the same country. The final cost of the call will be defined by the telephone company with which the call is made.

Belize City (Belize) Area Code

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