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Which Country Code is 7 in WhatsApp?

The Country Code +7 in Whatsapp refers to a phone number in Russia.

This means that any message or call received on WhatsApp from a phone number that starts with the Area Code +7 will be from a Russia phone number.

All WhatsApp messages with Area Code +7 are from Russia?

If we receive a call or if we receive WhatsApp messages from a phone number that starts with an Country Code +7, this contact will have as origin a number of a SIM card originating from Russia.

This does not mean that if we receive a WhatsApp message with this prefix it must be located in Russia, but simply means that the SIM card is from this country. That is, a user can send or receive messages with a Russia Area Code (+7) but being located in a different country.

Therefore, one should be careful if receiving messages from an unknown number with +7 Area Codes, as it could be a WhatsApp spam. Therefore if you do not know anyone from that country of origin, it is recommended that you do not respond and block that contact in the application.

Does calling or sending Whatsapp messages to phones with the country code +7 have an extra cost?

No, any message sent through the Whatsapp application will have the same cost regardless of the phone number contacted. So if you send a message to Russia the cost will be the same as if you send it to a phone located in another country.

+7 WhatsApp

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