Lebanon Country Code WhatsApp

What is the Lebanon Country Code for Whatsapp?

The Lebanon Country Code for WhatsApp is +961.

This means that any message received on a mobile phone from a WhatsApp number starting with +961 Area Code will be a number associated with a phone in Lebanon.

Is the Lebanon Country Code for WhatsApp always +961?

If you receive WhatsApp messages or calls from a phone number that starts with the Country Code +961, this contact would have registered his number in the app with a SIM card originating from Lebanon.

In other words, a user can have a telephone number associated with a specific country, but can use it from any other country. Thus, a person will be able to send or receive messages with a telephone number that has a Lebanon Area Code (+961) but is located in another country.

This is because the WhatsApp number is associated with a SIM card from a specific country and you can keep your cell phone number in the application even if you have a SIM card from another country.

How to call Lebanon on WhatsApp?

To be able to call a phone number in Lebanon on WhatsApp, you must first have saved the phone number in your address book with +961 Area Code. Once you have saved it, you will be able to make calls to this phone number from the whatsapp application without any problem.

It should be noted that if you make a call to a phone number in Lebanon or any other country, this does not have any added cost, since WhatsApp is an application that works with internet, and the cost is always the same to call or send messages to any phone number.

Lebanon Country Code WhatsApp

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